Cosmetic Services

Our office takes great pride in providing excellent dental care whether it is just a filling or a complete smile makeover. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to ensure that you are pleased with your new beautiful smile.

Our cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening (bleaching), bonding, veneers, Lumineers, all porcelain crowns, and Invisalign®.


Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)


A smile is the first feature most people will notice whether it is at a job interview or when you meet someone at a shopping mall. Enhance your smile by making it whiter and brighter. Our office offers 2 different procedures for whitening.

The in-office Sapphire Whitening system will lighten your teeth 12 shades in 90 minutes. After this one appointment procedure, your teeth will be noticeably whiter.

The at-home Nite White Excel whitening system will give you a noticeably whiter smile within 3 days and the process will be complete within 2 weeks. This less expensive option will provide you with excellent results reversing years of staining from coffee, tea, smoking and other substances that have stained your teeth. The custom fitted trays are comfortable to wear.



Veneers can be an excellent alternative to crowns to create a beautiful, natural smile. Veneers are used to mask the color, size, and shape of a tooth. Veneers can even change the shade of tetracycline stained teeth to a beautiful shade while only removing a minimal amount of healthy tooth structure. Veneers can repair permanently stained, discolored, misaligned, broken, chipped or worn teeth. Veneers resist stains from coffee, tea, and cigarette smoke because they are made of high-grade porcelain. Veneers mimic the translucence of natural enamel thereby creating a naturally beautiful smile in only 2 appointments. Because a small amount of tooth structure is removed, this is a non-reversible procedure. If you would like to have a cosmetic evaluation, please schedule your free consultation to see how we can improve your smile.

Composite Restoration and Bonding


Composite is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture restorative material used to restore decayed teeth. Composites can also be used to make cosmetic improvements to your smile by changing the color or shape of your teeth or by repairing chipped or broken front teeth. Composites allow us to create beautiful natural looking teeth by blending shades and recontouring the natural tooth. Bonding can also be used to close a space between your teeth.



Lumineers® are contact lens thin veneers that can be an alternative to conventional veneers in order to mask the color, size and shape of your teeth correcting discolored, misaligned, rotated, chipped or broken teeth. They are porcelain veneers that do not require the removal of healthy tooth structure. If you would like to have a cosmetic evaluation, please schedule your free consultation to see how we can improve your smile.