6 Ways to Get the Most from Your Dental Benefits

It’s one of those line items we all check during the annual enrollment period. We say, “yeah, I’ll definitely use it this time.” But, then January rolls around and we’ve left that money right there on the table.

According to the National Association of Dental Plans, only 2.8% of […]

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10 Essential Health Benefits of Smiling

When we feel good, it makes us smile. But, did you know the reverse is also true?

Training yourself to smile more often can actually make you feel better and live longer. Here are 10 scientific ways smiling can improve your health.

1. Smiling Reduces Stress & Anxiety
In 2012, researchers […]

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Protecting Your Teeth in School Athletics

School sports are awesome! Kids learn to rally behind their team, commit to a cause bigger than themselves and press on through adversity.

As parents, we love to root for our kids on the field. But, we also know that our teen’s perfect smile could be totally wrecked by […]

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Smiles in the Sand

37 Incredible Sand Sculpture Smiles
One of our favorite things about the beach is the surprise of finding an amazing creation carved in the sand. Talented artists spend hours creating beautiful masterpieces, only to have them washed away with the next tide.

We hope this collection of amazing sand art […]

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10 Summertime Tips for Dental Health

Summertime is here! Time for trips to the beach, pool parties and fun in the sun.

With more relaxed schedules, it’s easy for kids to get off their routine. Here are 10 tips to help keep their teeth healthy all summer long.
10. Keep a Calendar
Visual reminders are awesome for helping kids create […]

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Normy Awards 2017 Finalist

Congratulations to Dr. Scott Guice as a top five nominee for Best Dentist in the 2017 Lake Norman Publication’s Norman Awards! We’re extremely grateful for all who nominated him.
Vote Before April 16th
The final votes will be tallied the week of April 16th. Click the button below to let all of […]

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